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With 2014 coming to an end, it’s time we take a moment to cherish all the wonderful travel experiences we’ve had this year and wonder at what’s coming next. When it comes to travelling, some of us love to go back to the all time favourites while some love to explore new lands, each passing year. So while you’re all set to welcome the new year, check out these amazing destinations it has in store for you.

citadel-corsica-france_85217_600x450Image Source
Birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, Corsica has Olive groves and quiet villages that dot the slopes and isolated valleys of the interior and hiking trails that lace forests of oak and pine.

2. Koyasan, Japan
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The austere heart of Japanese Buddhism beats loudly at Koyasan, a monastic complex that lies two hours by train south of Osaka. Established by revered scholar-monk Kobo Daishi in 816 as the headquarters for his Shingon school of Esoteric Buddhism, Koyasan remains one of Japan’s most pristine and sacred sites.  It marks its 1,200th anniversary in 2015.

3. Haida Gwaii
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The quiet is what strikes people here most on Haida Gwaii. On this 180-mile-long archipelago off the coast of British Columbia, labyrinthine coves snuggle up to dense forests with towering cedars. Beneath the ground, scientists have found evidence of human habitation stretching back 12,000 years.

4. Choquequirao, Peru
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The Inca emperors had quite the eye for spectacular real estate. Upon taking power, each of these great lords picked a breathtaking piece of property for a new royal residence. Topa Inca’s  Choquequirao drapes temples, plazas, and fountains along an orchid-strewn mountain 61 miles west of Cusco.

5. Sark, Channel Islands
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Wander country roads bordered by fieldstone walls and storybook cottages, past foxgloves and bluebells and 600 other kinds of wildflowers, taking note of butterflies, seabirds, Guernsey cows,etc. Time seems never to pass at this fascinating place which abolished feudalism only 6 years ago.

6. Port Antonio, Jamaica
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From the smoke-fogged jerk grills lining Boston Beach to the log rafts that drift down the lazy Rio Grande, Portie makes for blithe spirits in paradise.

7. The Presidio, San Fransisco

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The virile park of viridian woods and knockout vistas of The Presidio can make travelers forget it was originally built for war, not for the camera.

8. Mont St. Michel, France
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For about a thousand years, travelers have gasped when the Abbey of Mont St. Michel has loomed into view, rising from a bay fed by tides that are among the highest and most treacherous in Europe. What makes the sight transcendent is the play of light, sky, and weather that can shift hourly here off the coast of Normandy.

9. Faroe Islands
Cliffs-and-sea-in-Faroe-IslandsImage Source
The Faroe Islands are always a beautiful destination, no matter what time of year you go. But on March 20, 2015, there will be a full solar eclipse visible from the Faroe Islands. For most people, a full solar eclipse will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience,

10. Morocco
TRAVEL-Morocco-Marrakesh-suk-market-people-lightsImage Source
Whether you’re hunting for magic carpets through the Souks in Marrakech or wondering the old streets of Fez, there’s so much to discover in Morocco.

11. Sea Island, South Carolina
hilton-head-south-carolina_85223_600x450Image Source
It’s been 59 years since entrepreneur Charles Fraser developed this sultry Lowcountry sea island as one of America’s first “eco-planned” resorts but visitors here are beginning to learn that some of the most important chapters of American history took place right here.

12. The Philippines 
Philippines-e1366004454399Image Source
Paradise in pristine waters, this should be under ‘ASAP’ on your travel plans this coming year.

13. Tasmania, Australia
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With perhaps the world’s cleanest air, friendly locals, untouched wilderness and some of the world’s best hiking trails, Tasmania has much to offer to those who wish to embrace it. Another wow would be its fresh produce.

14. Esteros del Iberá, Argentina
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The Guaraní call it Y Berá meaning  ‘brilliant water’. This entire immense area of wetlands, or esteros, was declared a natural reserve in 1983.. It is one of South America’s most important reserves of fresh water, offering refuge for a vast cast of birds and other creatures.

15. Patagonia, Chile
Patagonia_Marcelo_Sanhueza_367262-950x692Image Source
Hiking the W trek in Patagonia would be one of your biggest achievements in your entire life’s travel experience. Do consider an off-season visit for the most grounding experience – no one wants to walk behind trails of tourists in the wilderness.

Now that you know it all, tell us which ones are you going to put on your travel list this coming year.
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