Look harder and you will see: 5 things we forget to enjoy in our own city

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“If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way”- Napolean Hill.

Have you ever experienced a situation where a visitor to your city know more about it than you do? Staying at a place since birth or for a very long time, it often never occurs to most of us that we should go around looking for interesting places or doing interesting things. We’re so preoccupied with our daily lives that we often crave for a vacation far away from the city we live in, missing the opportunity to embrace, explore and unwind in the same city. We become so accustomed to our familiar spots, people and activities that other things of interest although near, go unnoticed.

You don’t need a vacation; just a weekend is enough to discover the beauty of your own city. So, to make things better, here is a list of things that we often forget to enjoy in our own city:

1. Seeing and experience things that attract tourists from around the world

lodhi gardensImage Source
If you’ve heard visiting friends talk about places in your city that you haven’t see, it must be a real miss. Don’t you think.

2. Being the local

5332925014_73144a05dd_zImage Source
Take a train, visit the library,check out the local market. Just go local!

3. Frolicking in festivities
Durga-Pooja 2013
Image Source
Don’t dismiss the jazzy street dance as free entertainment. You’ve gotta be in it to feel it!

4. Local events

artworks-on-display-at-india-art-fair-in-new-delhiImage source
Every city has it’s own share of gigs, concerts and exhibitions from time to time and never does it fail to stir the imagination.

5. Exploring
DSC_0383Image source
Put those shoes on and start walking. You never know what you’ll come across.

So now would you stop lazing around and find out how wonderful it is to live in the city where you stay all the time but seldom live?

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