Go beyond the textbook and flip the book called the world.

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Go beyond the textbook and flip the book called the world.


Essays, journals, novels have been a part of your life for a long time. Now it’s time to go beyond the books and explore the canvas called the world. Journey enriches you more ways than one when you meet new people, get acquainted with a diverse culture, taste the cuisine of a distant land. All you need is to lose yourself in a new land and amongst the unknown.

You are confident than ever.


Travelling installs a new level of confidence in you. When you travel, you manage many things at one go. Be it booking your accommodation or making your travel plans; at the end of the day, there is a sense of achievement that you have explored the destination on your own.

Live the moment.


All your life you have been worried about the future. Be it college grades, promotions at work or about the family. When you are out on a voyage, you stop worrying and start living that very moment. A new place incites excitement, you forget the past and the future. It naturally stops you to brood over the past. Where else you will experience this life changing lesson?

Attain the power of patience.


A few trips make you more patient than many sessions of meditation. Life doesn’t go as per your itinerary, even when you are on a vacation. Your luggage may get lost, miss your flight or take a wrong route. But you have learnt to deal with the curveballs that travel throws on your way and teaches you to be more patient in your everyday life.

Live life unplugged.


You have been living in the virtual world for 24 hours, 365 days. It’s time to beyond the network of your phones. Facebook posts or snap chats can wait. See the world behind the screen of your handset. It’s more vibrant, more real than ever.
Every trip makes you more insightful and intelligent than ever. So explore the untrodden path of wilderness to meet your all new teacher.